KM Consultancy & Services

Effective Knowledge Management is also effective business and talent development, with win-win objectives and outcomes.  Best to couple with digital transformation will make it even more sustainable.

Knowledge Management

Knowledge Management in practice contains a lot of efforts in knowledge content, library building, taxonomy, training & development.  We provide KM services to offload the extra workload from the staff so that they can continue to focus in their productivity.

Knowledge Management Strategy We help organizations to develop KM strategy fitting to their needs and development
Knowledge Audit Knowledge audit service to better understand and assessment of KM status
KM Portal Development  
In-house training course development
  1. Work with your in-house experienced staff to develop internal knowledge
  2. Use of effective methodologies to develop develop the training courses
  3. Use of effective learning technologies, including interactive & online
Staff interview
  1. Use of interactive interview skills to nurture knowledge management
Video Creation & Production

Video development service for training purposes

Development of Knowledge base  
Development of Taxonomy  





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