BYOS Foundations

Build-Your-Own-System (BYOS) is a DIY system building technique without coding, based on integration of open source technologies and web resources.  With BYOS, non-technical users can design and build their own practical digital solutions, such as an intranet, knowledge repository, a PKM system, etc.  This is also an excellent approach for digital transformation for organizations and the individuals because it facilitates switching to a digital mindset.
This workshop prepares participants to be a BYOS System Builder.  Unlike a system developer, it does not require programming knowledge or background.  It is technical, but manageable by non-technical users.  The learning curve of BYOS is steep without guidance, but it's been proven successful by non-technical people following the workshop approach, which emphasize on hands-on experience.  This experience by itself is a digital transformation experience.
The main objective of BYOS is to develop non-technical business people to build their own digital solutions in real life.  We emphasize the BayGO approach, which is actually a design-thinking process.  The advantage is to make-sense how things should be done and organized to fit our real life needs through an iterative prototyping process.  The BYOS technology is based on flexible, shareable yet customizable technology based on open-source environment.  Cost of system building can become extremely low.
BYOS Foundation

BYOS Foundation


This BYOS Foundation workshop covers the fundamental knowledge and skills for BYOS system building, which prepares participants to advance to other workshops with real life applications.  This workshop is designed to be part of a series of workshops with the objective of a final digital solution, therefore it is a pre-requisite to other workshops, particularly the one on knowledge base.  It is structured in such a manner to facilitate learning.

The workshop can be run either in groups or individually.  Each participant will work hands-on on their own, with all appropriate resources.  It is important to understand that more time should be spent on system building rather than lessons.  This is how the workshop is designed, based on action-based learning.  1-on-1 remote assistance will be provided.



  • This is not a programming course.  It is about putting the right modules together to form a system.
  • It is about structuring content, system and workflow, and how to design and build a digital solutions to fit our needs.
  • Learning by experience is the key allows going through the logical reasoning behind every digital activity.
  • 1-on-1 remote assistance supplement the learning experience like a mentor.



This workshop targets non-technical people.  It's for you if you are those:

  • who always look for improvements in the way things should work
  • who is looking for building of digital competence for personal development
  • who is looking for digital solutions for existing business problems or initiatives
  • who are willing to learn by actions
  • who is starting up new business and decide for a manageable platform operation

Please make sure you have the time for hands-on practice before you participate.



It is not necessary to have technical background or knowledge of any programming languages.  No prior experience is necessary.  Good business sense and experience, and good understanding of business logic are more important.  Be open minded, willingness to try, and prepare time for hands-on.



Lessons (50%) Lessons will focus on concepts, analysis, discussions and questions.
Videos Videos, whenever appropriate, are provided for the participants to follow and build their own systems, so that they can work based on their own schedule.
Hands-on (50%) Participants will build a real system of their own individually.  Appropriate server environment and resources will be provided.
1-to-1 Remote Assistance Through online technology, remote assistance will be provided individually to avoid over-spending of problems handling



Lessons Total Lesson Hours: 48 hours
Hands-on Depends on the individual participant, but this part is important.  Be prepared with the time for practice where knowledge, skills and insights are generated
  Each participant will be provided a separate and independent server during the duration of the workshop.



Online or Classroom classes available.



Special arrangement can be made for group registration or on-site training.  In particular, if a project is available, it is probably the best opportunity to train up internal staff at the same time.  Please contact us to discuss.



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$24,000 HKD Each
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