About Us

Who We Are?

We provide service and consultancy in the area of knowledge management, IT tooks, projects and consultancy, HR practices and training.  We emphasize the need for people first in all organisations, and their capacity development.  We help our clients achieve their desired corporate objectives while empowering employees to giving their best.



What We Do?

  • BYOS Workshops

    • Build-Your-Own-System without Coding.  No technical background is needed.
    • Create your own digital solutions to your business problems or needs
    • Experience the digital transformation and start your innovation
    • Action is the best way to build your digital competence
  • Cultural Intelligence Training

    • Learning the appreciate the different cultural landscape and applying understanding to better achieve desired corporate objectives and environment
    • Improving communications among employees of diverse cultural background, and thus develop competencies for employee to act objectively.
    • Using a set of tools to effectively deploy in organisations to help implementing policies and practices
  • HR Advisory

    • HR practices, policies and procedure should be more agile and consultative.
    • Integrating HR practices with local market policies, behaviours, patterns and implementation while maintaining the corporates’ core values.



Vision & Mission